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About Us


Who We Are

Want to learn more about celique professional? Celique Professional was created applying decades of professional salon experience with quality at the forefront. The Celique Professional range has been tried & tested throughout Australian salons to ensure premium quality is offered.

Celique Professional is about creating beautiful hair. We utilize ecology throughout each product, with naturally nourishing ingredients used to ensure hair is healthy. At each stage of our production process, sustainable practices are ensured.

Our range has been designed with both the customer and stylist in mind, constantly inspired by hair that is both beautiful & healthy. Explore the range to see for yourself & stay in touch with us through our Facebook.

Australian Owned with Decades of Salon Experience

Our Belief

After decades spent within the hair industry, refining our craft, Celique Professional was launched in 2021 to provide premium hair care to the market. The fundamental belief behind Celique Professional is to inspire & create hair that is not only beautiful but healthy.